PCS National Pay Campaign 2018

Following our recent 5% pay claim, it is now clear from the response inviting PCS to talks, which was received from Cabinet Office minister Oliver Dowden, that the government has only budgeted for a 1% pay rise for the UK civil service and related areas. PCS members had previously been led to believe that the 1% pay cap had been lifted.

With other public sector workers receiving higher offers, this is a monumental betrayal of hard-working civil servan  ts. In response our union's national executive submitted an emergency motion to last month’s annual delegate conference, calling for a ballot for strike action. This motion was accepted and we are now moving towards a national ballot that will run 18 June- 23 July 2018.

Our general secretary Mark Serwotka has called on all PCS members to get involved in our union by:

  • attending meetings;
  • making sure their contact details are up to date so that if we send a ballot paper it is sent to the right address;
  • persuading non-members to join PCS now.

The momentum of the PCS pay campaign has been building in 2018. We have consistently argued that the Treasury pay remit, which sets the parameters for settling pay across the civil service, must formally lift the 1% public sector pay cap for civil servants, enabling departments to pay above inflation increases.

Our national executive decided on the following actions:

  • put together plans for more protests;
  • work to ensure that all workplaces are ballot-ready, so that if we have to move to a statutory strike ballot we can achieve the majority turnout now required under the Trade Union Act;
  • talk to the TUC and other unions about joint campaigning on pay;
  • support the TUC national demonstration calling for a new deal for working people, and backing the campaign for an end to the pay cap and for 5% increases for all public sector workers.

You may be wondering why we should remain part of the national campaign following the recent pay settlement to 31 March 2019 and being part of a devolved administration? This is because as civil servants the amount of income delegated to the Welsh Government stems from Whitehall and the Treasury, therefore it is all part of the same pay source. This is why everything that was issued in relation to your 2017-19 pay highlighted that you remain a part of the PCS National Pay Campaign.

You will, by now, have been contacted by your local branch representatives, to check that your ballot address and personal details are up to date, a huge task and I would like to thank all that willingly took part.

As soon as PCS national conference concludes we will be in touch in relation to the next steps PCS will be taking and how we need you all to be involved.

Jayne Smith

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