Welcoming our incoming President

The new incoming president for PCS Welsh Government and National Assembly of Wales Group, Katie Antippas, has stated that she is delighted to return to the role. Katie has been the Welsh Government trade union side lead negotiator, representing PCS, Prospect and FDA for a number of years but felt it was time for change.

“In these types of roles I always think five years is a good time to do a job. You go in with fresh ideas and challenges and an opportunity to make a difference. Too much longer and you are in danger of becoming complacent. I was really pleased I received the nominations to continue but felt it was a good time to move on.

As PCS Welsh Government and National Assembly of Wales Group there are a number of challenges ahead. Despite good relations and pay awards, we still face restricted budgets and pay which falls short of inflation, a Barnet Formula that has devastated the public sector in Wales and attacks on civil service redundancy pay. As the biggest group in Wales we will continue to support the PCS UK position while working with Welsh Government trade union side to mitigate issues where we can and as much as we can.

Financially, challenges remain but where we have made great progress are areas that value the workforce in other ways. All Welsh Government staff members that we negotiated for now have an hour a week for well-being, to use how they want. In addition, we have managed to get rid of the much-hated performance management reporting tool, the 9-box grid system; while still keeping the part that members did like, the positive conversation with the line manager. The Permanent Secretary has recognised the importance of staff and has moved to a coaching conversation format which I very much welcome.

Trade union side representatives are elected from the three unions and I very much look forward to working with the newly elected TUS team. They are capable and competent to do a great job on our behalf.”

Katie Antippas

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