Tackling unacceptable behaviour

In the last issue of Llais, Fiona Whyte wrote an article that detailed her work on highlighting the unacceptable issues many of our members are facing in relation to bullying and harassment.
There are three key outcomes this work aims to deliver:

  • Raise awareness of bullying, harassment and discrimination
  • Create an environment where staff feel safe to challenge or report unacceptable behaviour
  • Support members of staff that have been identified as displaying unacceptable behaviour.

A key element of the support available to PCS members is the role that our union officers can play. We offer representatives a wide range of training opportunities through our trade union education (TUED) programme. This includes a two-day tackling bullying and harassment in the workplace course, in conjunction with Wales TUC and other unions. Representatives who attend this course are given the confidence and ability to:

  • Identify harassing behaviour
  • Identify ways of dealing with bullying and harassment
  • Understand procedures and agreements for handling bullying and harassment
  • Understand what affect bullying and harassment can have on the individual and think of how we can counteract these affects.
  • Understand the different ways Bullying and Harassment can affect a workplace/organisation
  • Understand how to use the law to prevent harassment.

Representatives also know how to get management to take bullying and harassment seriously, and how to get the issue onto the negotiating agenda to formulate a strategy for zero tolerance in the workplace. This has led to the implementation of policies across Welsh Government to ensure that bullying and harassment is dealt with in a timely and appropriate manner.

The PCS TUED programme also offers representatives training in areas that affect some members that can have a disproportionately negative effect on a member’s ability to deal with incidents of harassment and bullying. This includes autism awareness, domestic violence, dyslexia awareness and neurodiversity training.

PCS representatives will always put the member first and you can be totally sure that any issues you raise with them are treated in the strictest confidence.

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