Women to the Front – leadership seminar

The Women to the Front seminar was held in Stirling and Glasgow over several dates in 2018/9 with money from the Union Learning Fund. It brought together women from a variety of groups and backgrounds to work on skills for mapping and campaigning, as well as gaining the confidence to work on a big campaign in their own areas. 

Women make up 60% of PCS members but we do have representation as low as 30% in various bodies of our union. There’s a huge need for PCS women to step up and be active, but many barriers still hold us back. 

We listened to discussions from inspiring women who had worked in the field of citizen journalism and who had campaigned against unfair laws, and we got to pose our own questions too.

One of the women on the course took a session on public speaking which went down really well, particularly with the women who were not keen on public speaking.

We spent time discussing the different approaches to organising, advised each other on how things may work in our individual workplaces and generally soaked up the knowledge and experience that others had whilst improving our own understanding of how to run a good campaign. 

We had a seminar where we learnt about how to create videos on our phones as a campaigning tool. Most of us chose to work on free sanitary products in the workplace.  This was great fun as we made our own videos and got feedback on tips to make them better. A final production can be seen on PCS Scotland’s Twitter feed searching on #aboutbleedingtime

The series of workshops and seminars gave us all confidence in our own abilities, in working with other women and in PCS as a union keen to develop its women members. At the end of the three days we came away feeling motivated and riled up, ready to go out into our workplaces, and the world, and make a difference. Not only a difference, but make things better, better for us, for our children, for women. We left that course different women than when we went in, and with the solidarity of our new group of sisters and the confidence that we can change the world. Women will lead the revolution and it will be remarkable.

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