National Young Members' Committee Officer Nominations 2019

The National Young Members’ Network is the voice of young workers in PCS. The work of the network is co-ordinated and supported by the National Young Members’ Committee. The committee advise, inform and support the work of branches, groups, regional committees and the NEC on young members’ issues.

The officers of the committee are elected annually at the Young Members’ seminar. To this end we are seeking nominations for the officer posts from young members across PCS and young members are asked to complete an online nomination form or if you require the briefing and/or nomination form in any other format please contact the Equality Department.

Branch secretaries have been asked to circulate this information widely to young members, particularly those from under-represented groups and encourage them to participate in the democratic process and return nominations. The closing date for nominations is 12 noon on 4 September 2019.

Contact the National Young Members’ Organiser Julie Young if you need further information.

Karen Foster, PCS Acting Head of Equality

PCS Young Members’ Network Officer Elections 2019

We call for the following nominations to the National Young Members’ Committee: Chair, Vice Chair and Equality Officer. Below is a brief description of each role:


Responsibilities include:

  • The overall running of the National Young Members’ Committee
  • Drafting agendas for meetings
  • Liaising with the National Young Members’ Committee on future strategy
  • Making sure PCS and National Young Members' Committee rules/constitution are followed
  • Chairing and facilitating all meetings of the National Young Members’ Committee
  • Has casting vote
  • Raising the profile of the Young Members’ network in PCS and the wider trade union movement.
  • Attending the National Equality Coordinating Committee.

Vice Chair

Responsibilities include:

  • Deputising for the chair in their absence
  • Working with the chair to support the work of the National Young Members' Committee
  • Raising the profile of the Young Members' network in PCS and the wider trade union movement.

Equality Officer

Responsibilities include:

  • Advising and updating the National Young Members’ Committee and the Young Members' network on equality issues
  • Working with National Young Members’ Committee to encourage greater participation of under-represented groups within the Young Members' network
  • Liaising with the PCS equality networks/groups to provide updates on equality issues and initiate campaigning activities
  • Organising and encouraging attendance at events to keep young members informed of equality issues
  • Raising the profile of the Young Members' network in PCS and the wider trade union movement.

The election of officers to the National Young Members' Committee will be held by secret individual ballot at our national Young Members seminar in Bristol on 14 & 15 September 2019. Only attendees at the seminar are allowed to vote.

All PCS young members (aged 27 and under at the time of the seminar) are eligible to stand and to vote. Just complete the online nomination form.

Updated 2 July 2019

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