Associate and Retired Members (ARMs) - Yorkshire and the Humber

PCS members can continue to enjoy the benefits of membership at a reduced subscription rate as an associate and retired member. PCS associate and retired membership (ARMs) offers a voice, services and information for members of the union who have retired, been made redundant or moved on to a role where PCS doesn't operate.

The range of membership services which PCS provides for ARMs members includes:

  • Legal assistance and advice
  • Free will service
  • Professional advice service
  • Financial services
  • Helplines for legal, medical, debt, domestic violence and breast cancer advice
  • Holiday and travel club
  • Shopping discounts
  • Copies of the ARMs newsletter
  • Assistance through the PCS benevolent fund.

If you are a PCS member nearing retirement or about to leave, our advice would be to stay in your union and do not allow yourself to be isolated and unable to be part of a strong collective voice on the issues that affect and matter to you. You can find out more information below about ARMs in Yorkshire and the Humber, along with information on how to join.

Our Yorkshire and the Humber ARMs branch

The Y&H regional branch of the ARMs group has more than 600 members. We are here to represent your interests and campaign for a fair deal for our members.

The annual general meeting elects our officers and committee every 2 years. The committee meets on at least a quarterly basis and details of meeting dates and the date of the AGM are found on these web pages.

We also organise ‘Open ARMs’ events, open to all ARMs members, which cover a number of varied and interesting topics and provide the opportunity for you to help determine how ARMs can best work in all our interests.

The branch ensures the voice of retired and associate members is heard throughout the union and in the wider political and pensioner movement within the region.

We are an open, friendly, democratic organisation and encourage the involvement of all members old and new.

For further details of branch activities in Yorkshire and the Humber please visit the annual general and quarterly meetings page or contact the regional secretary – Mick Shannon at or one of the other ARMs committee members listed on the contacts page.

Getting more involved in your Y&H ARMs group

It is now more important than ever to ensure that older and retired members have a strong voice. The government's erosion of pension entitlement by linking increases to the lower ‘cost price’ instead of ‘retail price’ index continues to erode the value of both public sector and state pensions.

The much publicised new single tier state pension that promised a simplified pension system is anything but that with public sector workers being awarded lower state pensions for being members of the employee pension schemes and contracting out of the State Earnings Related Pension Scheme (SERPS).

The decision to end the Age Related Personal Tax Allowance has further hit members in the pocket. At the same time the highest earners have had their income tax cut.

It is not just older or retired people who have to pay ever increasing fuel bills but many pensioners on limited incomes have limited scope to increase their income and growing numbers face fuel poverty.

There is also a major debate about the continuing privatisation of the NHS and funding of care and it is vital that we keep MPs of all political parties focussed on these issues.

Our concerns are not limited to ourselves but for our families and our communities:

  • Can young people get a job?
  • Can they afford an education?
  • How long will they need to work?
  • What sort of pension will they have at the end of it?
  • What type of public services will we have in our communities?
  • What care is available for the old and sick?

All of these are questions ARMs members ask and we raise, lobby and campaign on these issues.

Working with other union retired members and older people's groups

We also work to ensure we have a voice along with other union retired members' groups regarding the provision of local services and public transport in the region.

We are involved in campaigning to improve the state retirement pension and defend age related universal benefits such as the bus pass, winter fuel allowance, free prescriptions/eyesight tests and TV licenses for over 75's. All of which still do not compensate for a State Pension which is one of the worst in Europe and stands at 50% of the EU average. You can find out more about the issues we campaign on and the work we do with partner organisations on this website.

Our members are not based in the workplace but we do have a voice - we can lobby our MPs and local politicians, and we do exercise our vote. The ARMs branch aims to ensure members do that in the most effective way we can.

If you want to know more about the branch, be involved in any of its activities or raise any issue with the committee please contact the regional secretary – Mick Shannon at  or one of the other ARMs committee members listed on the contacts page.

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