Affiliations and partner organisations

We are affiliated to and/or work with a number of partner organisations who share our objectives.

The main ones are as follows and you can keep up to date with their campaign activity by visiting their website. A number of these organisations such as the National Pensioners Convention (NPC) and Age Action Alliance also issue regular monthly news updates which you can subscribe to via their websites.

National Pensioners Convention (NPC)

The NPC declares that every pensioner has the right to choice, dignity, independence and security as an integral and valued member of society.

The main policies of the NPC call for a decent state pension linked to average earnings, improvements in the health and social care of older people, free public transport and an end to age discrimination.

The NPC is a campaigning body of pensioners, for pensioners, representing over 300 affiliated organisations.

Trades Union Congress (TUC)

The TUC is the voice of Britain at work. With 54 affiliated unions representing 6.2 million working people from all walks of life, they campaign for a fair deal at work and for social justice at home and abroad. They negotiate in Europe, and at home build links with political parties, business, local communities and wider society.

68 is too late

A campaign established by PCS, Unite 'the Union' and NUT and aims to stop the reckless increases to our state pension age.

Public Service Pensioners Council (PSPC)

PSPC and its constituent organisations are working to ensure that politicians and the public are better informed about the facts of public service pensions and the case for pensions reform to protect pensioners against poverty.

Civil Service Pensioners Alliance (CSPA)

CSPA is a campaigning and lobbying group for pensioners from Civil Service and related pension schemes. It is an independent, non-party political organisation with about 100 local groups throughout the UK and over 60,000 members.

There are also numerous other organisations providing information and advice on a range of issues.

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