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PCS Yorkshire & Humber Region Associate and Retired Members branch (Y&H ARMS) wants to ensure we keep in touch with associate and retired PCS members in the region. However we are unable to post out notifications and papers as we have in previous years. It is therefore important that we have your correct email details if they exist.

Up In ARMs magazine: We will be able to keep in touch with members who do not want to provide an email in the bi-annual Up In ARMs magazine that is posted out with PCS People.

As an ARMs member, by definition you do not have a workplace that PCS can contact you at to provide local and national information. If you have an email address you can use this to contact us and for us to update you on events.

Emails: Y&H ARMs aims to send no more than one email per month to all members.  ARMs Committee members do not have access to your email addresses, phone numbers or any other details other than name and constituency location (to locally targeted emails). These are held securely by PCS HQ. We send emails to you via HQ and only PCS HQ will phone you if they have a query.

As of January 2018 our records show PCS has 818 ARMs members in Y&H, of which we have:

439 Personal Email Addresses.

45 Work Email Addresses.

226 Mobile Phone Numbers.

322 Home phone Numbers.

As you can see some these need updating (work emails replaced with home emails) and we have just over half of contact emails. Details of how you can update your details are at the end of this page.

Social Media: We are in the process of setting up other social media contact methods.  Details will appear here when set up.

Visit the PCS ARMs National Blog for additional information about ARMs and how you can register to receive BLOG updates.

Campaign email: If you want to be notified of details of the Y&H ARMs Committee campaigning activities you can email Please give us your name or membership number and your UK constituency (so we can fine tune your notifications to events in your locality). 

Contacting ARMs

Please find below contact details for members of the PCS ARMs Yorkshire and Humberside Regional Committee and Activist Group for 2017/18:

Committee Officers

Mick Shannon - secretary

Telephone number: 01484 380 031, Mobile number: 07983 276 866

Sheila Banks - chair

Mobile number: 07966 761 377

Julia Thornton - vice chair

Telephone number: 0113 225 6773, Mobile number: 07969 458 591

Linda Woollen- treasurer

Telephone number: 0114 244 2100, Mobile number: 07754 617 176

Mike McGrath – organiser

Telephone number: 0113 262 2800

Committee members

Alison Carass


Andrew Benson

Telephone number: 0114 220 8640, Mobile number: 07986 592 086

Brian Nelson

Telephone number: 01482 646 313

Linda Rawson

Telephone number: 0113 225 2638, Mobile number: 07913 533 691

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