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As we are preparing to launch our new national campaign, which brings together the biggest issues at the heart of our members’ lives – pay, pensions and CSCS – the way we organise at ground level becomes more important than ever.

With this edition we bring you a variety of issues and initiatives from around the union, which we hope will help and inspire your hard work as activists. Ultimately, they all lead back to the same key message: building our union power from the bottom up is the way we’ll sustain that power and win for members.

Recruiting more members, talking to our members, getting more people active in PCS as advocates or reps, striving for a more diverse activist base, and working together across sectors in our local areas – these are our core goals as we look ahead to the rest of this year and beyond.

In this edition:

Our new campaign will be driven by a bottom-up approach
Mark Serwotka on building a coalition of activists, members and reps that can deliver our hugely important new national campaign on pay, pensions and CSCS.

Key issues converge with three-pronged national campaign
Three central issues for our public sector members – pay, pensions and the CSCS – are being combined into a new national campaign.

Strategic deployments to help branches win for members]
Some branches are getting extra support with organising and building a union culture.

‘The response has been phenomenal’
Simply asking branch members to pop into the union office for a free PCS desk calendar has been “an absolute hit”, says R&C Benton Park View branch organiser Rachel Farmer.

A woman’s worth a lot to PCS – get involved!
Ahead of International Women’s Day we’re highlighting efforts to get more women involved at all levels of our union.

DWP training sessions to boost membership targets
PCS has launched a series of organising training sessions across the DWP group to boost recruitment and activity.

‘To get members engaged, you have to be active yourself’
DWP branch reps tell Activate what they got out of the PCS organising training.

Reps combine pay, workloads and environment crisis in ballot campaign
Natural England activists have been pulling out all the stops to prepare for a ballot for industrial action over low pay, massive budget cuts, and unmanageable workloads.

Representing Members: ‘Our help convinced member to get involved’
A simple intervention by PCS over a member’s pay made the world of difference and led to her volunteering to become a rep.

New from PCS Academy: Disability and the law
A course has been launched to help PCS activists understand more about representing members with a disability, and campaigning in their workplaces around legal rights.

Strength in diversity: reps take the Next Steps
It was inspiring to see such a diverse cohort at our latest residential Next Steps course for reps.

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