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As our activists continue to work flat out to keep our members safe at work during the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, there are plenty of other issues and developments that deserve our attention.

We’ve made great strides with one of our key campaigning and organising tools of the moment – the pay petition – reaching the half-way point to our 100k target, and now we need to keep that momentum going. 

Whether you’re pursuing signatures on the petition, applying the ‘5 tests’ on safety, using the refreshed PCS Digital app to better organise your branch, nurturing new and potential PCS Advocates or planning an equality event for Black History Month, all roads lead to the same place: growing and strengthening the union in our workplaces, ‘talking union’ at every opportunity, and getting more people involved.

In this edition:

GS: Your vital activism is essential as we look ahead
Mark Serwotka thanks reps, advocates and negotiators for their hard work during the Covid crisis and highlights key areas where involvement is still needed, including having your say on the future of the union

How to use pay petition as organising multi-tool
Building towards our 100,000-signature target should form part of wider branch organising plans to meet our October pay campaign milestones

Updated app makes organising easier
The latest version of the PCS organising app enables reps to track when members have taken action in specific campaigns and ballots and feeds into our top organising priorities.

‘The most effective way to change things was by recruiting advocates’
A rep explains how recruiting lots of advocates has been key to their branch signing up hundreds of new members, increasing involvement and making PCS part of daily life.

Union Advocates II training: ‘It really solidified what we’d learned’
With PCS Advocates being so crucial to the union’s organising, recruitment and campaign work, a second tranche of bitesize training has been launched by the PCS Academy.

Black History Month: how will you celebrate?
Herma Hughes provides some context ahead of BHM, in October, and shares her tips for celebrating it in your workplaces and branches.

Representing members: winning the right to work from home
When asthma made our member vulnerable to Covid-19, her rep in DWP had to doggedly persist in order to get agreement that she should work from home. 


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