Activate Issue 2 2019

The next week is among the most important in PCS’s history.

The national pay campaign has so far been a long road for reps and members alike. We know members are sick of the pay situation, and struggling. As activists, it’s our job to help deliver their views to the government, via the ballot box.

To be heard, at least 50% of eligible members must send off their postal vote. Securing that turnout is now our number one priority, to make sure ballot papers are received by ERS by 12 noon on 29 April.

Thousands of reps are working hard to get the vote out. Thanks to data gathered from members, we know that many branches are heading for good turnouts by being methodical and talking directly to their members. Every branch is urged to aim to emulate their success. We’ve provided tips and inspiration from some local campaigns, and a list of things to do between now and the end of the ballot.

As Mark Serwotka says in his message to reps below, with all hands to the pump, we can achieve a “historic” result for the union.

In this edition:
Mark Serwotka: Your tireless work is massively appreciated

In a direct message to activists, PCS’s general secretary says that with all hands to the pump until the final day of the pay ballot, we can achieve a “historic” result for the union. Read more

Pay ballot: Five things to do in the final fortnight
It’s crunch time in the national pay ballot, and we really need to squeeze out every single vote to beat the 50% turnout threshold. We set out five things you can do in the remaining days to play your part. Read more

‘We talk to members’: How branches have beaten the 50% ballot threshold
Three branches who, according to data, have already beaten the 50% turnout threshold tell Activate about their experiences and tips for success.

DWP Stockport and Tame Valley branch
“Get them as they walk in [to work], ask them those two questions and you’ll find that gets real results.” Read more

Glasgow & Clyde HMRC & Valuation branch
“We have learned how important it is to support each other and build each other up. Six weeks is a long time.” Read more

R&C Cumbernauld branch
“The most important thing is the speaking to people, just getting out there and talking.” Read more

Phone-banking: ‘If we don’t get enough people to vote, nothing will happen’
Activate speaks to two members who have taken part in the union’s phone-banking drive – one of our most powerful turnout tools. Read more

Gender pay gap and pay cap hits women twice
Women in the civil service are hit twice as hard – by the pay gap and the pay cap. This can only be addressed by a fully-funded pay rise. Read more

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