Activate Issue 3 2019

Since our last edition we have absorbed the results of the national pay ballot and moved on to the next stage of our pay campaign.

We are making preparations to ensure we could hold – and win – another ballot, if and when that decision is made.  A guide to what we need to do is included below for our reps and Advocates.

Alongside those specific tasks to get ‘ballot ready’ we continue with the equally vital work of recruiting more members, strengthening our organisation in PCS workplaces and increasing involvement from members. Getting more people involved is particularly important among under-represented groups, and we’ve provided useful tips on how to overcome some of the barriers that still exist in our union.

Training and learning are also vital parts of that organising equation, and this edition features the success of the new Welcome to PCS course as a way of engaging interested new members, and the benefits of using learning initiatives to bolster the union in our workplaces.

In this edition:

Pay ballot preparations: summer checklist
Preparations are being made to make sure we can break the 50% turnout threshold if we hold another vote over public sector and civil service pay. Developments include a new version of the PCS Branch App. Read more


Mark Serwotka: ‘We are building a strong, effective union based on grassroots power’
PCS general secretary Mark Serwotka says that amid political chaos that impacts on our members, we must continue our work of building a strong union that can win on national and local issues. Read more


Learning initiatives ideal for union organising
Encouraging members and non-members to learn with the help of PCS is a positive and effective way to boost recruitment and involvement with the union. Resources and support are on offer to help branches incorporate it to their organising plans. Read more


‘Welcome to PCS’ course is paving way to union activity
Anyone interested in being more involved in the union should be encouraged to go on our new ‘Welcome to PCS’ course, as a first ‘toe in the water’. We hear from members who did the course then took steps to become more involved. Read more


How we can break down barriers to PCS activity
At many levels of the union equality groups are under-represented. We need to look at what the barriers are to involvement, and what we can all do to help to tackle them. Read on for some tips. Read more


Representing Members: An invaluable tool for assessing cases
Activist of 35 years Fiona Whyte tells Activate why her Cardiff branch started using the PCU1 form as a standard starting point for members’ personal cases, including for identifying wider issues that can be organised around. Read more


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