Activate Issue 4 2019

Organising to win is the primary focus of this edition, including inspiring stories of the excellent work our activists are doing to represent their members in outsourced and privatised areas of PCS.

We’re launching new tools to make reps and Advocates’ jobs easier, helping to target our precious time at the most important organising priorities. They include our new organising app for branches to use year-round, a new e-newsletter to help Advocates build a union culture at work around equalities issues, and an updated ‘Welcome to PCS’ booklet to help start conversations about getting more involved in the union.

And reps who took part in the latest residential ‘Next Steps’ training course tell Activate it was a ‘transformative’ experience that has given them lots of ideas to take back to their workplaces.

In this issue:

New app to ease day-to-day branch organising work
A new app designed for all branches to use year-round for organising members and increasing recruitment and union activity is now available to reps and Advocates.

Tips: organising members around workplace disputes
In three current PCS disputes involving outsourced and private sector workers, activists have been doing some great work to achieve results in tricky circumstances.

New tool helps Advocates promote equality
A new email newsletter tailored to PCS Advocates is focusing on helping them promote the union’s equality networks, organise events and build on the union culture in their workplaces.

PCS Next Steps reps’ training is ‘transformative’
The union’s Next Steps residential course was “one of the most transformative learning experiences of my life”, says one of the 16 reps who took part in July.

Light the spark’: what our reps got from Next Steps
Reps who completed the PCS Next Steps reps’ training, in July, tell Activate what they got out of the five-day residential course.

Representing members: ‘How we won our apprentice campaign’
PCS activists won a significant payout for 67 apprentices in the Home Office, thanks to a coordinated campaign. Group lead negotiator, Neil Masters, tells us how.

New ‘Welcome to PCS’ booklet is ideal tool for reps
Our new pamphlet is an ideal tool for reps and Advocates to use to recruit members, talk to people about current campaigns and encourage them to get more involved.

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