Activate Issue 5 2018

This edition of Activate is all about organising to win.

To win the next pay ballot, expected in Spring 2019. To win our pay campaign for our members. And to win more members and activists for the future strength and stability of the union.

In our ‘six steps to winning’ plans, we’re looking at practical steps for building on our strengths and bolstering those areas that most urgently need more members and activists – often the union’s larger branches.

We’re asking every GEC and BEC to make their specific plan to win, now. Another urgent priority is to get at least 2,000 members and reps to come to our ballot training sessions in November.

To be sure we are strong enough to win a ballot in 2019, we need to achieve mass engagement among members and create a confident feeling of ‘union culture’ in our workplaces, and it starts here. Read on for more.

In this edition:


How to win the next pay ballot
The key to winning a pay ballot in Spring is being certain we have enough activity on the ground to secure the minimum 50% turnout we need. Our ‘steps to winning’ plan can help us get there together. Read more


‘Big Conversation’ will boost ballot preparations
A plan to hold face-to-face conversations with 12,000 members and non-members is being launched by the Home Office group and other branches are encouraged to take up the idea as part of our pay ballot ‘steps to winning’ plan. Read more

PCS Advocates can help to create a ‘union culture’
We’re taking steps to further define and promote the role of PCS Advocates, who are key to winning our next ballot, creating well-organised workplaces, and fostering a confident ‘union culture’. Read more

Focus on larger branches in pay ballot preparations
Efforts to significantly increase the level of recruitment and union activism in some of PCS’s larger branches are under way, as analysis of the summer pay ballot shows a clear link between lower levels of activism and lower voting figures. Read more


Representing Members: Sorting and managing person
How one branch dealt with cuts in facility time by changing the way they sort, assess and process members’ queries and personal cases via an easy online system. Read more

PCS Support Centre: updates on personal case work
Internal changes within PCS have led to a few adjustments on how personal cases are dealt with. Read more

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