Activism and recruitment a winning combination

Around 60 meetings have so far been held across the UK to talk to members about getting involved in the pay campaign, as part of PCS’s ‘Six Steps to Winning’ the next ballot for action.

More meetings are still being held and union officers expect to have met with about 600 members and reps during the process.

The meetings are all part of our ballot-winning goals to:

  • Have a PCS presence in every single workplace – a named rep or PCS Advocate
  • Increase activism levels overall – improve the ratio of reps to members, particularly in our biggest workplaces, to a minimum of one rep per 26 members
  • Recruit more members to the union – the aim is to increase membership levels by 5% before April.

Members who come to the meetings, who are not already registered as activists, have been asked to sign up to become Advocates.

We’re also asking new members and all activists – particularly new Advocates – to talk to a friend and recruit them to PCS.

There will be a prize for each month’s ‘star organiser’, as nominated by the branch, and one of the criteria will be how many members were recruited and new Advo-cates identified.

Face-to-face contact

One of the major elements of the ‘Six Steps to Winning’ is making sure at least 90% of our members have been spoken to, face to face, by the time the ballot is launched. We’re now consulting on a ballot being held in March/April.

There’s been excellent progress with the Home Office Group’s ‘Big Conversation’ exercise, which has so far seen more than 400 new members recruited to the union since September.

The group set out to have face-to-face conversations with 12,000 people, with each rep taking on the responsibility of talking to 30 members and 10 non-members over three months. New recruits will be asked to assist with recruiting other new mem-bers.

The national organising department is focusing its resources on the largest work-places, where it’s estimated that in some departments about 80% of new starters are not currently being asked to join the union.

In HMRC, all branch organisers will be invited to regionally-convened meetings dur-ing the first three weeks of January, to develop detailed recruitment and organising plans, and to run through some training on 1-2-1 recruitment techniques and ways to identify workplace activists.

The union’s recruitment goals take systematic recruitment and organising initiatives and can’t be achieved without an increase in activism.

The ‘Six Steps’ also include increasing attendance at AGMs to 25% of the branch’s membership, and gathering personal email addresses for at least 80% of members by April.

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