Branch AGM plans are key to ballot preparation

Mass engagement with our members is the only way to ensure we win a future industrial action ballot on pay.

As part of our ‘steps to winning’ plan we are asking reps to aim for a target of 25% attendance at their upcoming branch AGMs, which are held during February and early March.

Reps are urged to start planning now to maximise attendance. Some AGM preparation training will be available in regional hubs in January – see below for dates and locations organised so far.

PCS will be sending out a branch briefing and materials in early January, and also issuing helpful tips (see below) via email and social media.

The branch AGM is at the heart of the union’s democracy. It’s where annual and financial reports are agreed, election results announced, motions debated, delegates elected and nominations and motions for group and national elections considered.

Read the full AGM guide.

Members should be made aware that it’s a good place to see how the union works, talk about workplace issues and campaigns, have their say and get involved.

Although there are certain agenda items that have to be dealt with at an AGM, it doesn’t need to be formal. There’s often a guest speaker and some branches hold a social afterwards.

10 tips for boosting AGM attendance

  1. Advertise! – Start promoting your AGM now…posters on every workplace noticeboard, a flyer on every desktop, followed up with an email invitation
  2. Branches Got Talent! – Make any posters and flyers you design eye-catching and attractive – ask one of your members who is creative and artistic to help
  3. Not Just One! – Consider multiple workplace meetings in a rolling AGM over a week or two, especially if you have multi-site branch. Ensure tellers are available at each to aggregate any votes
  4. Make It Interesting! – nvite a local or national speaker who will bring in a crowd – doesn’t have to be a PCS person, it could be a local MP, or a well-known campaigner, or even a celebrity of some kind
  5. Talk ISSUES! – Make it clear what issues are going to be discussed – and make sure they are the topics that will resonate with most members. An agenda that just says ‘nominations, matter arising etc’ won’t “grab“ members!
  6. Make it welcoming – Make it clear to all members that they are welcome to get involved in the union. This is the branch’s big opportunity to get more members active – in any capacity ….and make it fun!
  7. Food and Drink – Offer refreshments – cover various dietary requirements like meat, fish, vegetarian, vegan, halal, so everyone feels welcome
  8. Access – Make the time and venue as accessible as possible. Bear in mind shift patterns, members with caring responsibilities, members with disabilities. Don’t cater toward the average member – cater for every member  
  9. Time Off – Negotiate time off with local management for members to attend where possible
  10. Have an ASK! – Every member who attends the AGM should be asked to do something – eg hand out 10 leaflets, recruit one new member, pledge to help with phone-banking.

Get ready with PCS training

AGM preparation courses are being planned in our regional hubs, with events so far planned in

Liverpool – 16 January
More details here.

Clapham – 18 January
More details here.
Peterborough – 22 January
More details here.

Any questions?

Talk to your local rep, branch officers, or regional PCS office, or email

Who, what, when, why, how...

Read the full AGM guide.

Updated 21 December 2018

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