Building, Growing, Winning with digital organising

PCS is preparing to launch a new digital web portal for members and reps, to replace iMembership and the Document Library.

The development, planned for the new year, will just be the start of a roll-out of new applications which will focus on delivering the national organising strategy, Building, Growing, Winning.

Improving technology will enable members and reps to have the same type of digital experience from the union as they have in their daily lives, when looking for information, shopping, booking tickets, taking part in online activity or interacting with friends and family.

Whereas resources have, in the past, been available in a range of places – on paper, on the website, in the document library or in our heads – these re-sources will all be in one place. It will mean that reps will have access to new communication and collaboration tools, quick and easy branch administration tools and an information service to support bargaining and casework.

Until now, when members did something such as take part in a campaign or sign a petition, this was a one-off act. Digital technology lets us track activity and participation and then involve members in further campaign activity, both online and in branches and workplaces.

In this way we can find a new members and activists, and enable them to participate regularly in the union in small or large ways.  

Salesforce, who will provide our new database, invests billions enabling busi-nesses to find and retain customers. Our challenge is to use that functionality not just to improve the experience of being a PCS member, but to find new members and activists and build the union into a force that can win.

For example, the Bernie Sanders campaign to be the US’s Democrat presi-dential nominee, and more recently the Beto O’Rourke campaign in Texas, and in the UK aspects of the Labour Party and Momentum 2017 election campaigns, pioneered what is called “Big Organising”, which uses digital technology to mobilise an army of campaign activists to make face-to-face contact with voters. These campaigns used radical ideas to mobilise a new generation of people in political campaigning.

Our national organising strategy, Building, Growing, Winning, aims to use big organising techniques to build and grow the union and win campaigns, includ-ing our pay campaign. Digital technology will play a fundamental role in delivering this strategy.

Updated 18 December 2018

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