Mass consultation on pay campaign next steps

A large-scale consultation has been launched to plan the next stage of the union’s national pay campaign, including a second ballot for industrial action.

Discussions will be held at regional meetings, town committee meetings, GECs and equality forums. Members meetings will be arranged wherever possible, including large meetings in town halls and central venues, and in and around larger workplaces.

Any member, branch, group or equality forum can also access the consultation document and comment online or by email between now and 25 January – click here for the online form.

Reps and members will be consulted on the nature of targeted action, particularly where we have well organised groups of members operating in key roles across the civ-il service, and the extent to which we can introduce a fighting fund levy to support members taking action.

Meetings will be used specifically to encourage members to get involved in the pay campaign and in union activity.

There will be a massive recruitment drive in the new year, and members should be urged to get involved with the campaign to fight back against the Cabinet Office’s blatant betrayal on pay in 2018. See more on the recruitment drive here.

Following a meeting of the NEC in early December, it was decided to consult members on the following outline campaign plan:

  • That our 2019 pay claim consists of: a cost of living pay increase for all workers in the civil service and related bodies of 8-10%; a Living Wage of £10 p/h (£10.55 in London); national pay bargaining; equal pay and coherence of pay and terms and conditions. The claim reflects the fact that members’ pay will have fallen even further behind the rest of the public sector in 2019.
  • That pay equality forms a major part of our claim, noting that those departments where the staff are predominantly women are those that have the lowest rates of pay.
  • That the scope of the ballot is the UK civil service - on the basis that this would max-imise the advantages of an aggregate and disaggregated ballot.
  • That bargaining areas with members outside the ‘UK civil service’ definition are consulted about whether they want to adopt the same campaign timetable.
  • That the outline ballot timetable should run from the beginning of March and fin-ish by 10 April 2018.

The NEC also agreed that discussions on 2019 pay at delegated level should be suspended during this campaign plan consultation period.

Bargaining areas not in the aggregate ballot are being advised that their executives should meet to devise their strategy, and that they should incorporate elements of the national claim where appropriate. They should make submissions to the NDC for industrial action campaigns where deliverable, indicating whether they wish to co-ordinate their action with any UK Civil Service-wide action.

The National Disputes Committee (NDC) is to explore the viability of possible op-tions for targeted action. Responses in regional briefings have shown strong support for targeted action in support of a national claim, whereby groups of members taking prolonged strike action have a disproportionate impact on important work, politically, or on the day-to-day running of important services.

Have your say
Please submit your responses, by 25 January 2019, by filling in the online form, emailing, or writing to: General Secretary, PCS, 160 Falcon Road, London SW11 2LN.

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