Advocate Resources - Young Workers Month 2019

Young Workers' Month 2019 - Resources for Advocates 

Whatever you can do will make a real difference to building the union in your workplace. Before undertaking any of the activity below, contact your branch to see if there are already some activities planned, or young member or equality reps who would be interested in helping out too.

Some ideas depending on your level of time and commitment:

Level 1 – update your noticeboard with one or more PCS Young Workers’ posters. You can download and print off the posters or you can order some from your regional office or Most work places already have a union notice board and almost all employers have an agreement with PCS to have one - but if yours doesn’t get in touch and we can support you in requesting one.

Level 2 – desk drop the PCS Young Members' leaflet. This leaflet, is a handy summary and introduction to the aims and objectives of PCS’s Young Members' Network. Some members won’t have heard of them or know how to get involved, so if you can spend some time leaving a leaflet on your colleagues’ desks you’ll help raise their profile. Depending on the size of your office it may take just ten minutes to do this. Other offices will be far too big to do yourself, so just do what is manageable, or ask other colleagues to help you out.

Level 3 – organise a young members meeting in your workplace or a social event outside the workplace. This is a great way to get members and interested colleagues together to hear about the work we do and the ways they can get involved themselves. A meeting in your workplace can seem daunting, as can a social event, but it’s not too hard to arrange if you follow this handy checklist:

  • Contact to request a speaker
  • Once the speaker has been in touch to suggest dates for the event, book a room in your office or a venue outside the office.
  • Once that’s confirmed print off some leaflets and posters to advertise it in your workplace (any work Facebook or Whatsapp groups are also great for this). If you need help designing leaflets then contact
  • That’s pretty much it! If you can, put on some refreshments and make sure to remind your colleagues as the event gets closer.
  • At the event, you could also take a picture using the Young Workers' Month photo op cards, to share on social media.

Getting help

In PCS you’re never alone. It’s likely that you will be part of an established branch, but even if you are the only Advocate or PCS member in your workplace, there are resources and staff who are there to support you in building a union culture in your workplace.

If you have any questions or need further advice, email

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