Branch App Guide

The Branch App will be used during the 2019 Pay Ballot to assist activists in getting the vote out.

Download and read through our short Branch app guide (which includes a suggested script for speaking to members) by clicking on this link:

Below there are also 6 brief videos talking you through the various features of the app, which you may find useful. You can login to the Branch App HERE.

UPDATE: Prior to Monday 25th March, the Branch app was used solely to record whether members intend to vote and whether they will volunteer to help. This is to encourage as many conversations in the workplace as possible about the ballot. From today (Monday 25th) and onwards, the Branch App has been reset, so an additional button will be included to record whether a member has voted. This will allow us to systematically record and update who has voted during the ballot. The Branch App will also be updated daily with data from our phonebanking and other sources to ensure that we focus our time and effort towards members who have still to post their ballot papers.

This section of the website will be updated as the App develops and is tested in workplaces. If you have any suggestions for improvements to the App, or general feedback, please email You can also use this email address if you encounter any technical issues or have any further questions.

PLEASE NOTE: THe videos have now been updated to reflect the different functions and recording options for the ballot period. 

UPDATED Video 1 - Logging In and Intro: 


UPDATED Video 2 - Homepage and Updating Vote Data

UPDATED Video 3 - Report Page

Video 4 - The Help Button:


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