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Are you being asked to come back to work?

28 Apr 2020

PCS believes as many workers as possible should be working from home until further notice. At present, although we think this may change, only critical workers should be in the workplace. The designation of civil servants as 'key workers' has created confusion and in many areas, allowed management to try and operate 'business as usual'. Our number one priority is the safety and security of our members.

Update on Corona Virus - action for safety reps

03 Mar 2020

We have secured an emergency meeting with the Cabinet Office on 12 March where we will be pressing the need for pay protections for all staff, including in privatised areas, to take the necessary precautions if they are infected, have travelled to one of the affected areas, been affected by school or other office closures or have flu like symptoms, with no detriment. We will also be calling for full union involvement in safety planning and response teams.

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