Mentoring reps and advocates

You can’t do it all, and you won’t always be around. Vital to building a strong union branch is ensuring others will carry on your good work.

We have developed a 1-day course “Mentoring new reps" which can be delivered in a PCS office as part of the regional programme, or in your branch or group on request. Contact your PCS region and ask to discuss with the trade union education ‘lead’ officer. We can also arrange for delivery as a shorter (2 hours approximately) ‘bite-size’ session; the shorter session is a brief summary of the subject. The session explores succession-planning; identify keen new reps and advocates; support their development as trade unionists; and ensure the health of the union for many years to come.

Please find below 8 ‘template’ PCS forms which mentors - and ‘mentees’ -  may find useful in creating a more structured approach to mentoring.

1. Mentoring New Reps - Setting Up a Mentoring Scheme

2. Mentoring New Reps - Mentors Checklist

3. Mentoring New Reps - Suggested Mentoring Agreement

4. Mentoring New Reps - Mentor Diary

5. Mentoring New Reps - Mentee Checklist A - First Session

6. Mentoring New Reps - Mentee Checklist B - Further catch up

7. Mentoring New Reps - Mentee Checklist C - Suggested Tasks

8. Mentoring New Reps - Mentee Checklist D - ULR H&S Equality 

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