PCS Pay Bulletin 2019 issue 1 - the pay claim explained

This year, PCS has submitted a claim for a 10% pay increase for its 124,000 members in the UK civil service, with a minimum underpin of £2,400; and a Living Wage of £10 an hour nationally and £11.55 in London.

The 2019 claim also demands:

  • A return to national pay negotiations across the civil service and its related areas.
  • Equal pay and coherence of pay and terms and conditions across those areas; with, where necessary,time-bound mechanisms to enable swift progression to the maximum of the pay scale for the grade.
  • Full funding for the claim without any detrimental changes to terms and conditions.

This Q&A explainer is intended to ensure that reps and active members can understand the 2019 pay claim and the campaign strategy. You can then answer questions from members and persuade them to vote in the ballot – and vote yes.

The explainer looks at:

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