Why the claim is 10 per cent

Official figures currently put the annual rise in the cost of living between 1.8% (Consumer Price Index [CPI]), and 2.5% (Retail Price Index [RPI]). 

Why is PCS claiming a pay increase of 10% in 2019?

Our pay claim is for a cost of living pay increase for all workers in the civil service and its related bodies of 10% with a minimum underpin of £2,400 and a living wage of £10 an hour nationally and £11.55 in London.
Since 2010, pay2 increases in the civil service have not kept up with inflation. In 2010 the government implemented a two-year pay freeze, which was followed by a six year pay cap of 1%. During this period average salary levels in the civil service have fallen in value, by comparison with inflation, by between 1.1% (CPI) and 1.9%% (RPI) a year.
Meanwhile, increases in average pay in local government, health and education have been higher than the civil service. This means during the same period, civil service average pay fell in value by comparison with the rest of the public sector, by between 11.4% (RPI) and 8.6% (CPI).
Last year unions in local government, health and received above-inflation pay awards, increasing the pay gap between the civil service and the rest of the
public sector.
A 10% pay increase will restore the value of civil service pay not just with inflation, but with other public sector workers in local government, health and education.

What is the £2,400 underpin?

A percentage pay increase means staff with higher salaries receive more in cash terms than lower paid staff.

For example, a 10% increase for an SEO paid £50,000 a year would mean an increase of £5,000 a year, while an AO earning £19,000 would receive £1,900.

An underpin of £2,400 means that if a10% pay increase would result in less than £2,400, the pay increase would be £2,400, rather than 10%. In this case while the SEO would still receive a 10% increase (£5,000 a year) the AO would receive an increase of £2,400, which is an increase of 12.6%.

What is the living wage?

The Living Wage Foundation sets the real Living Wage at £9 an hour nationally and £10.55 an hour in London.
Our claim is to introduce a minimum salary, or living wage, of £10 an hour and £11.55 in London.
Around 10% of civil servants earn less than £10 an hour, which works out as an annual full time salary of £19,240.
Our claim means that where a 10% increase, or a £2,400 underpin would not deliver a salary of £19,240, this minimum salary would apply. This would give some of the very lowest paid employees a higher pay rise than 10% or £2,400.

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