The PCS role

In the case of apprenticeships PCS recognise the long term future of organisations depends very much on the quality of apprenticeship training and the quality of support from frontline managers.

Quality apprenticeships lead to better productivity, fewer errors and better career opportunities within the organisation. Many apprenticeships have transferable skills which mean individuals can move around different departments or even different employers.

Part of our role is to ensure that employers are providing effective learning and development opportunities to build the skills of the workforce, and that decisions made over apprentice posts are clear, practical and transparent.

In order to do this we need to work in partnership with employers, be involved in the planning and development of apprentice provision and ensure that the voices of apprentices are heard.

In particular we need Front Line Managers to understand the benefits of apprenticeship programs and how important your role is in terms of making apprenticeships work and being a rewarding experience in the workplace.

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