What to do if you have an apprentice on your team


  • Talk to your own managers about the issues raised in this guidance
  • Speak to your local PCS union learning representative (ULR) about the support you can expect to receive from them.
  • Engage with the apprentice and set clear objectives and timeframes in accordance with the apprenticeship and in line with the contract
  • Discuss with PCS union learning representatives any issues that arise. In many cases PCS will have a solution to those issues from previous experiences.


  • Don’t expect the apprentice to be able to achieve the same levels of outputs as more experienced staff
  • Don’t allow short term operational needs to disrupt apprentice study time and training.

PCS recognise the pressures FLMs are under and want to work with you to resolve those issues. For example PCS can take up issues at very senior levels on behalf of members.

Front line managers can receive support from PCS Union Learning Representatives (ULR) as these individuals are being trained to support apprenticeship programs. For example ULRs can provide a buddy system and mentoring support.

Many ULRs have experience working with providers and can help sort out problems relating to training and identifying training needs.

Front line mangers are not alone. PCS are here to help support and deliver quality apprenticeship programs and this can only be achieved by working in partnership with front line managers as well as Departments.

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