Your role

Frontline managers are the key to delivering quality apprenticeship programs.

However PCS realise FLMs are under considerable pressure to deliver operational needs on a daily basis whilst at the same time needing to think about the quality support and training of an apprentice.

The contract of an apprentice entitles them to this and it is a key part of your management role to ensure that they have a training plan in place and their training operates correctly.

PCS believe managers should be given information and advice to enable those managers to make informed decisions, including details about the appropriate apprenticeship standard and level of qualification.

Departments will expect liaison with training providers. Apprentice induction and mandatory training will happen in every government department.

PCS can help with all of this and can assist you as a front line manager to be confident that you are supporting an apprentice appropriately. Under your recruitment and selection procedures it is important that you ensure each apprentice is provided with details of his or her apprentice duties and that they are enabled to complete their responsibilities.

This means:

  • Ensuring that they have a proper apprenticeship contract in place
  • Ensuring they have the opportunity to fulfill the job description and that they understand how to comply with organisational policies
  • Ensuring that they complete study within given timeframes (within work time)
  • Ensuring that their study time is protected 
  • Allowing apprentices to attend training/observations/assessments/exams (within work time)
  • Ensuring they operate in accordance with working time directives and other legal requirements.

As a front line manager you are responsible and accountable for ensuring that these happen.

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