Young apprentices - 5 reasons to join

Young apprentices - 5 reasons to join PCS

1. Learning

We can help you get the most out of your apprenticeship course.

PCS has union learning representatives (ULRs) who will support you during your course, ensuring you receive the best possible training and support.

2. A voice at work and beyond

As a young person, it can often feel like your views aren’t as important as those of older people.

We have a young members' network which gives you a great opportunity to meet other young people and discuss shared concerns and issues, such as pay, conditions and health and safety, as well as how young people can contribute to wider political campaigns such as access to housing and mental health.

You can also get involved either in the network, as a union advocate, or as a representative.

3. A sense of security

We have a proud history of defending members’ conditions and offering support and advice on all kinds of issues including disciplinary or performance meetings, and unfair treatment or discrimination.

4. Discounts and offers

PCS membership gives a great number of other benefits that could save you some cash or help you out in a difficult situation.  As well as the range of free legal services that PCS offers, we have negotiated some great offers on everything from car insurance and gym membership to discount days out and mobile phones. On top of this, we offer finance and debt advice, as well as a credit uUnion and benevolent fund for members.

5. Six months free membership

If you are an apprentice where you do not have a permanent post and/or a guarantee of a permanent post at the end of your apprenticeship, you will pay no union subscriptions for the first 6 months from the date of signing your form. You are only entitled to one free period of subscriptions with PCS.

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