Learning and qualifications

There are many ways that PCS can support you during your apprenticeship:

Skills assessment

If you want to check your skills levels, log on to the free TUC interactive tool 'Skillcheck'. Go to the skill check part of the UnionLearn website and, at step 2, please click 'Non-Unionlearn' and then select 'PCS' as your union. Assessments take just 20-25 minutes.

If you already have the relevant English or maths qualification required for successful completion of your apprenticeship, you canl also use Skillcheck to check that your skills and understanding remain the same.

Learning and development

If you are required to undertake any learning your training provider should arrange this. Your local PCS Union Learning Rep (ULR) will support and assist you during this process.

To find out your local ULR, contact your branch rep or your regional learning organiser

English and maths - level 2 (GCSE)

If you need to improve your English and maths skills as part of your apprenticeship, PCS currently offers a free online learning tool for you to sign up to.

Written in accordance with the current GCSE maths syllabus, this introductory/revision course is designed to help you improve your range of English and maths skills.

The English modules are designed to build competence and confidence in oral communication, language, reading, creative writing, and text analysis.  

The maths modules cover fractions, decimals and percentages; number skills; geometry and measurements; algebra; trigonometry; statistics and probability; amongst other GCSE subjects.

Each module has been created in partnership with Gateshead College, a college rated ‘outstanding’ by Ofsted.

PCS learning

To find out more about learning with PCS check out the learning pages.

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