Your rights at work

PCS signed a civil service-wide agreement with the Cabinet Office in January 2017. This creates a framework for apprenticeships across national government. 

Key requirements on the employing government department include the following:

Contract of employment

  • You must be issued with a contract of employment, including an apprenticeship agreement, when you start.


  • You should receive the same pay and conditions for the job you are doing as your non-apprentice colleagues carrying out similar roles (any differentials must reflect your skill levels/training but you should not be paid below the grade minimum).

Off-the-job training

  • You are entitled to a minimum 20% ‘off the job’ training throughout your apprenticeship – this training should provide you with specific skills required for your current role as well as transferable skills to support you in your future career.

Training plan

  • Your manager must agree a training plan with you, and ensure it is maintained.

Job security

  • If you are not offered a permanent role at the end of your apprenticeship, then you must be treated the same as any other civil servant at risk of redundancy – including being considered for any suitable vacant post.

Union rights

  • You must be told that you have a right to join the relevant trade union (usually PCS).

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