What is a PCS Rep?

Being a rep is a deeply rewarding role, ensuring that there is an effective union branch and representation for members, as well as running both local and national campaigns.

Reps are the backbone of PCS, and make sure that we have a union structure and voice in every workplace across the county. Reps can receive some time off for training and union duties, which can include:

Workplace contact - the branch rep is usually the main contact point for members in the workplace. Your job will be to get to know your members, welcome any new joiners and generally be the go to person in your area.

Representing members - members look to their reps for advice and representation. PCS provides training and support so you can confidently inform members about their rights at work and make sure that your co-workers have a strong voice when speaking to management about the issues that affect them.

Elected and accountable - our branch reps are chosen and elected by the PCS members they work alongside. Any member can put themselves forward to stand for a position as a branch rep and if elected you would attend branch committee meetings and be expected to put forward the views of the members you represent and then to feed back to members. 

A specialist role – most branches will have committee positions that reps can take up to suit their skills and interests. These can include the union learning rep, the health and safety rep and equalities officers, among several others. Find out more about these roles.

“I’m a member of the branch committee where I work in Preston.  Every month I run a members’ meeting in my office for 30 minutes.  I report on any union news and developments and members tell me what’s going on and what’s bugging them.  I then do a short report for the branch committee.” - Iain, Ministry of Justice

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