Health and wellbeing

The New Economics Foundation developed 5 key public health messages after being commissioned by Foresight, a Government think tank undertaking a project looking into Mental Capital and Wellbeing.

The NHS and MIND support and promote those 5 steps to mental well-being: 1. Connect with other people 2. Be physically active 3. Learn New Skills 4.Give to others 5. Pay attention to the present moment (mindfulness).

You can find suggestions and helpful information on their websites relating to these 5 areas but we have also listed here some information that you may find to be useful references.

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New Economics Foundation 5 ways to wellbeing - find out about the New Economics Foundation and obtain a copy of the report here.

Five Ways postcards - you can put up copies of the postcards to remind you of the different things to do to support your own mental well-being or send them to your friends. You can access the postcards here

NHS 5 steps information - contains useful do’s and don’ts for maintaining your mental well-being and useful further references.

Mind 5 steps information - useful suggestions and further references here

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