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Through PCS Digital:

  • All members can access and update your member profile data
  • Branch officers can access data on branch members and manage their branch
  • All reps can access the organising app

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As a member what can I do in PCS Digital?

You can access and update your membership profile, including changing your workplace if it needs to be updated. You will be able to access details of your branch, including your local rep and branch secretary.

How can I find my PCS membership number?

  • Every email PCS sends to personal email addresses contains your membership number. Branch Officers have access to membership numbers.
  • You can ring the PCS Support centre on 0800 317464.
  • There is a handy feature in PCS Digital which enables branch officers to email members individually with their membership number and the registration link.

As a PCS rep what can I do in PCS Digital?

In addition to accessing your membership profile, you will have access to your branch organising app through PCS Digital.

As a branch officer what can I do in PCS digital?

  • Search for members in your branch.
  • Access quick actions to:
    • Send a registration link so that they can access PCS Digital and keep their records up to date.
    • Send an email with contact details of branch officers.
  • Access standard membership reports, which can be customised and downloaded.
  • Manage individual and bulk changes of membership, including transferring individuals or groups of members from one workplace to another. Transfers outside your branch will require an authorisation but will use the same simple process used to transfer members within your branch.
  • Manage your branch committee, using a simple process for adding or removing branch reps and officers.
  • Manage distribution of hard copy materials by allocating distributors, the amount of materials they receive and the address they receive it at.
  • Submit conference motions and initiate confirmation of motions, which will be live between the relevant dates.
  • Receive relevant documents in a searchable document storage system.
  • Access your branch organising app

Who should I contact if I need support?

If you have a technical problem then contact CRMsupport@pcs.org.uk the email address will be managed during normal working hours and we will attempt to rectify the problem as soon as possible. If you want to access training then contact your regional/devolved nation office.

You will have the best experience of PCS Digital by using an up-to-date browser, such as Google Chrome, Firefox, or Microsoft Edge.

    Watch the presentation

    The presentation covers:

    •    Registration and logging in
    •    Searching for a member
    •    Using the member transfer management tool
    •    Using the activist management tool
    •    How to submit a motion to conference.



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