PCS Digital training videos

PCS Digital is the application which gives our members access to a range of new online services to manage their membership and get the best out of the union. It uses cutting edge digital technology and will initially replace all of the functionality of iMembership, motions online and the document library, and for reps the “organising app”. It will be the platform that will be used to develop branch management, communication and support functions for reps and members.

Our digital team has produced 4 videos showing reps how to search the database for a member, download a report from the database as an Excel spreadsheet, manage branch activists and submit a conference motion.

Search the database for a member


Download a report from the database as an Excel spreadsheet


This video shows how to manage activists within your branch, adding or removing activists and managing distribution.


This video shows how to submit a motion for conference using the motions online function of PCS Digital.


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