Youth fight for jobs

PCS supports Youth fight for jobs, a campaign against mass youth unemployment. Further information on the campaign can be found on the Youth fight for jobs website

We won't be another lost generation

Since early 2009 Youth Fight for Jobs (YFJ) has been campaigning for decent jobs and free education for all who want it.

The campaign was set up against the background of the recession and the greatest attack on the rights and living standards of young people for generations.

We still have a situation where 1 in 5 young people are not in education, training or employment. We’ve just seen the A-level results day fiasco where around 200,000 qualified college leavers couldn’t get a place at university because of swingeing cuts made to budgets by the last Labour government and the new ConDem government.

Students have also seen a fee hike to up to £9000 a year, pricing many working class students out of education.

We’ll also see further attacks on our jobs and services with 40% worth of cuts to most services being talked about. This will have a huge impact not only for people employed in the public sector but also those in the private sector, as it’ll give the green light to employers to start shedding jobs.

This will have the effect of creating a lost generation of young people with no jobs or prospects. Since April 2009 YFJ has organised many national, regional and local demonstrations across the country. PCS alongside other unions has played a crucial role in organising and mobilising young trade unionists for these actions.

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