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Leaked document shows 10,000+ regional BIS staff facing lay off

A leaked document showing government plans to cut thousands of jobs across the UK in the business department and its agencies puts the lie to government talk about the Northern Powerhouse and economic investment across the country, says PCS.

Divisive trade union bill passes into law

Today (4 May) the vindictive trade union bill gets Royal Assent after last night the House of Lords agreed to the final changes made by MPs last week.

After Panama: 5 steps to push back against offshore corruption

Campaign group the Tax Justice Network has set out 5 steps to pushback against the offshore world following the leak of the Panama Papers last month showing aggressive tax avoidance across the world.

Performance management ‘divisive and unfair’

Performance management in the civil service is ‘divisive, unfair and demotivating’, an extensive survey by PCS reveals.

Campaign against trade union bill gets results

Thanks to continued pressure by PCS, the TUC and other trade unions, the government has made another considerable U-turn on the vindictive trade union bill this week.

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