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Yes minister, you can count cost of cuts

A government agency-commissioned report has found it is possible to assess the full impact of disability benefits cuts, despite ministers' claims.

Pickets out early in strong support for HMRC strikes

Pickets have been out since the early hours in Scotland and the English midlands on the second of 3 days of rolling action in HMRC.

MOJ Bootle pickets remain buoyant on last day of strike action

About 60 pickets were singing and dancing on the picket line this morning outside Bootle MOJ Shared Services offices on the last day of their 6-day strike.

New civil service pension scheme

Alpha, the new civil service pension scheme is being introduced on 1 April, 2015 and the Cabinet Office has now asked all departments to publicise details.

Private guards for old master

The National Gallery will trust the security of a collection of 17th century masterpieces to a company that usually guards empty buildings.

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