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PCS backs 4-day firefighter strike

PCS has sent its support to FBU members striking for 4 days from today over pensions.

New provider but work capability problems remain

US company Maximus is expected to be announced as the new provider for the controversial DWP work capability assessments but PCS believes fundamental problems remain.

Exposing the 'no money' myth

Exposing the 'no money' myth

A common pronouncement the government makes is there is less money around, particularly as a justification for the wide-ranging cuts. But analysis shows this is far from the truth

Legal aid cuts: landmark cases unlikely to be taken today

Lawyers campaigning against government cuts to legal aid have highlighted 4 high-profile cases, including the murder of Stephen Lawrence, they believe would not have been taken today.

Coastguard service changes put lives at risk

Decades of knowledge, the difference between life and death, are being lost because of coastguard cuts and restructuring.

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