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PCS gets answers to key Scottish Referendum questions

PCS has been at the forefront of putting forward the union movement’s demands to shape what sort of Scotland we want, rather than wait to see what politicians will give us.

Complete PCS trade union education survey

We are reviewing our education programme and would like to hear your views.

Message to TUC: How to fight cuts and win

How to fight the cuts and win is the PCS delegation's message to this year's TUC Congress which starts on Sunday in Liverpool.

Protest against the Bucks fire 'lockout'

FBU members in Buckinghamshire who walked out in a dispute over pensions have lost 156 hours' pay after employers insisted they would have to work the rest of their shift for free on strike days.

Get ready for direct debit today

We are asking all members to do something very quick and simple but very important – get ready to switch payment of your PCS subs to direct debit.

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