Together as PCS members and reps working across the civil service and related areas we can make great improvements at work.

Want to help? Get involved in our campaigns in your workplace and in your community. You've told us our priority should be resisting government cuts – and so that's exactly what our focus is. Whether it's fighting for better pay, against job losses or on specific issues such as redundancy pay and pensions, we have your best interests at heart.

Together, we have stopped some of the government's most damaging plans to slash services – services which make a fundamental difference to our society. Together, we have halted plans to close offices or attack your working conditions. Together, we can carry on making a difference to all our members' working lives.

Our strike fund makes it possible to support members financially when they are striking and therefore not being paid by their employer. The fund can make it possible to win workplace campaigns.

Members already contribute 50p a month to the fund through their PCS union subscription but can make one-off or regular additional donations as they wish.

How to make additional donations

The simplest and best way to donate is to pay directly into our strike fund, either as a one-off payment or through a standing order.

The bank details are:

  • Account name: Fighting Fund Levy
  • Account number: 20331490
  • Sort code: 60-83-01

Anyone choosing to pay via standing order should quote either their PCS membership number or National Insurance number.

PCS in parliament image

PCS in parliament

We work with politicians to help achieve our campaign priorities.
Fighting racism and fascism image

Fighting racism and fascism

Reps and members help to fight racism and fascism within their workplace, local communities and beyond.
Pensions image


PCS leads the way in defending occupational pensions in the public sector.
Redundancy rights image

Redundancy rights

We campaign to secure maximum protection of redundancy rights and eradicate age discrimination.
International image


PCS is proud to campaign for human rights and against inequality and injustice. Solidarity is the very basis of trade unionism, and should not stop at national borders.
Pay image


PCS campaigns for fair and equal pay for all UK government workers.
Green environment image

Green workplaces

PCS is part of a growing movement demanding economic, social, and environmental justice for workers and communities.
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Focus on

This section will focus on a different campaign or topic.