PCS Women

PCS is committed to campaigning for equality of opportunity for women, including in our own structures. We have a female president and two female deputy presidents.

We aim to improve gender equality and women’s rights at work, across the civil service and related areas, at home and in  public life, so that women can fulfil their potential, creating a stronger, better future for us all.

The national women’s forum (NWF) takes the lead on campaigning and advising on issues relating to women members in PCS and wider society.

The NWF is made up of representatives from the national executive committee (NEC), employer groups, national branches, occupational associations and regional committees and meets three times a year. The NWF chair is PCS national vice president Jackie Green. The secretary is Caroline Brown, PCS equality officer, contactable at equality@pcs.org.uk.

Get involved

Each region/nation has its own women members' network. Please contact equality@pcs.org.uk for more information and to find out how to join. You don't have to be nominated.