Why join PCS?

By joining PCS you will be joining tens of thousands of other members across the country who want to stand up for better working conditions: for improved pay and contracts, protecting against redundancy and office closures and having a say on how your workplace is organised and run.

PCS is the largest trade union in the civil service, representing workers in the public sector as well as commercial and private sector workers who work on government contracts.

PCS members receive free advice and representation from our fully trained workplace reps, backed up by our legal team. Reps will provide you with support through grievance and disciplinary hearings, holiday and sick leave requests and attendance or performance management disputes. When you join PCS you will never have to stand alone.

As well as protection in the workplace we have a range of membership benefits including insurance deals, a free will service and access to the PCS Credit Union. 

Being a member of PCS means you can take part in the union’s campaigns and debates. PCS is a democratic union, run by members for the benefit of members. You will be invited to vote on union policy, decide on the issues that matter most to you and your colleagues, and have your voice heard at every level of your union.