Young members

Young members make a difference in the workplace by campaigning on the issues that affect them directly, such as job security and training, apprenticeships and workplace rights.

If you are aged 27 or under you can join the PCS young members' network.

The young members' network is the voice of young workers in PCS, wherever they are employed in the civil service and related areas. The work of the young members' network is co-ordinated and supported by the national young members' committee (NYMC).

Elected yearly, the NYMC is made up of ten regional convenors and four officers (chair, vice chair, equalities officer and secretary).  Each region or nation also has its own committee which you can join. You don't need to be nominated.

You can join us and help to organise campaigning or social events.

As a young member you also have the power to act against inequality or discrimination in the workplace and improve conditions for everyone.

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Following a call for nominations from branches, the DWP group executive commitee appointed a brand new DWP Young Members’ Advisory Committee (YMAC) who met for the first time on 9 September.

Full of ideas and enthusiasm, the committee drew up an action plan for the year ahead, which includes organising, campaigning and interventions on bargaining issues, both DWP-specific and on a wider scale.

The purpose of the committee is to advise the GEC on DWP young members’ issues, give DWP young members a voice and build a network of active PCS young members across DWP.

Lateefat Babalola, PCS SELLS Regional Young Members’ Rep.

"My motto is ‘many hands make light work’. I believe in strength in numbers because a union is nothing without its membership. This is why I believe in empowering people to act in both theirs and in the best interest of the collective."

Zavier Cross, DWP Nottinghamshire branch

"I have worked with the union for the past few years and supported different roles.

I'm looking forward to once again supporting the union and our members with issues that matter."

Robert Eagleton, Branch organiser and national executive committee member

"I believe trade unions help us achieve social justice. I hope – through our collective efforts – the YMAC can improve the lives of young workers in the DWP." 

Vijay Menezes-Jackson, Workplace rep, Musselburgh jobcentre, young members' officer for DWP Edinburgh, Lothian and Borders branch

“We need a culture of solidarity, confidence in our industrial strength and boldness in our demands. I look forward to advancing some of the key issues for young members and for PCS as a whole.”

Melissa Newman, Sheffield branch and regional young members’ officer for Yorkshire and

“I look forward to getting involved in more campaigns in the near future to help make the department a better place for young people to work.”

Harry Pickard, young members’ rep DWP Dearne Valley.

“I am particularly passionate about campaigning on issues around benefit cuts and social security, in addition to working to improving pay and conditions for my fellow colleagues across the civil service.”

Emma-Lee Pitchford, young members’ rep Nottinghamshire branch, and joint chair of regional
equality sub-committee.

“I am a mum to two boys and now a wife. I am part-time/term time but very eager to get involved. I look forward to working with everyone on the committee.”

Connor Shaw, DWP Fylde branch young members' officer.

“I’m pretty new to PCS only really getting stuck in over the past 6 months. I am a health and safety rep and I have just completed my stage 1 and really excited to complete my stage
2 as soon as possible. Really looking forward to being part of the YMAC."

Gee Stokoe, DWP Tyneside and Northumbria branch union advocate.

“This is my first time being involved in the YMAC, and I’m excited to be included in actions towards improving the experience of young members and highlighting union activities to potential young members.”

George Richardson, DWP Fylde branch equality officer.

“I’m really looking forward to working with this year’s YMAC and hope we can make a real positive change for PCS young members in the DWP group.”

Ethan Thomas, rep, DWP Tyneside andNorthumbria.

“Since becoming a rep I have been met with unending support and opportunity for personal development, I have thoroughly enjoyed the experience so far and look forward to what the future may hold.”