I can’t afford to go on strike, will PCS support me?

Some members are saying they can’t afford to strike if we get a yes vote in our national ballot and that they are worried. We look at what support could be available.

No final decisions have yet been taken about strike action. The important thing at this stage is that members vote for action in the ballot.

We can then go to the employer with serious leverage to try to get them to change their view. We are saying to members don’t decide not to vote for action in the ballot because you are afraid you can’t afford it. The truth is that we cannot afford to go on as we are - if we do, you will never be able to afford the type of life you deserve for you and your family.

The government's current position means that low pay, job insecurity and pensions robbery will carry on for years unless we do something about it. But if you vote yes for a strike we will have the means to force the government to make concessions. We know how hard hit members are, which is why any action that we take will either be financially supported where it is sustained or designed to minimise the impact of any loss of pay so that we can win.

Strike fund

Our strike fund makes it possible to support members financially when they are striking and therefore not being paid by their employer.

The fund can make it possible to win workplace campaigns.

Members already contribute 50p a month to the fund through their PCS union subscription but can make one-off or regular additional donations as they wish.

In addition, we welcome donations from our supporters.

A bad situation is likely to get even worse if we don't win the ballot. It would also be a tragedy if other public and private sector unions have got mandates, are taking action and are forcing concessions out of the government and we could only look on unable to do something similar.

Every vote counts and let’s make sure when the ballot ends on 7 November we have smashed the 50% legal threshold in all areas with a huge yes vote, so that we can go to the government and Treasury and demand that they make concessions or face the consequences.  

How to make additional donations

The simplest and best way to donate is to pay directly into our strike fund, either as a one-off payment or through a standing order.

The bank details are:

Account Name: Fighting Fund Levy

A/C No:  20331490

Sort Code: 60-83-01

  • Anyone choosing to pay via standing order should quote either their PCS membership number or National Insurance number.
  • Set up a direct debit. Again, all money collected in that way will come to the strike fund.