Why I support calls for an immediate ceasefire in Israel and Gaza

Aisha, PCS Midlands Regional Young Members’ Convenor, has written a personal blog about why she joined the latest national pro-Palestinian march in London on 11 November.

I joined the pro-Palestinian march in London alongside an estimate over 800,000 people to call for an immediate ceasefire. Approximately 90 coaches went from Birmingham and so many more from other cities across the country. 

There were people from different cultures, different backgrounds, adults, teenagers and even children, all standing together raising our voices for the people of Gaza. We all must carry on sticking together as one big nation and fight for what is right. We may be from different backgrounds and cultures but in the end, we are all equal and we are all one. More young members need to be involved in this campaign.

It was a beautiful peaceful movement, not just in the UK but all around the world, with people calling for a ceasefire and demanding a free Palestine. It is very important to be there at pro-Palestinian marches, as we are the people who can raise our voices and demand a ceasefire. If we don’t raise our voice, then who will?

There is nothing “humanitarian” about “humanitarian pauses”. It is not “humanitarian” to bomb a refugee camp, to hold off for a couple of hours and then to bomb it again. It is not “humanitarian” to let starving people eat a little, only to hit them with an air strike later that day. It is definitely not “humanitarian” for political leaders to let this continue for a day longer. It is very important that we demand a ceasefire now. It’s the right thing to do and that’s what we will be remembered for, the position we take now. 

In October, our national executive committee issued a statement on Israel and Gaza, calling for all sides, and the international community, to work to end the conflict, which we believe requires a two-state solution and an end to the systematic violence, discrimination and denial of rights that has been inflicted on the Palestinian people.

The statement condemned the massacres of civilians and the taking of hostages in Israel by Hamas forces. The NEC also called on the UK Government to condemn Israel for its “horrifying” response, a form of collective punishment which is against international law.

PCS supports the call for a ceasefire and an end to violence on all sides.