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Learning in PCS  

PCS offers a wide range of learning and education opportunities for members and reps.

PCS's 'Learning' section is for members. Some of our learning activity is also available to non-members, as we are funded by public money. We also have a section with resources for union learning reps (ULRs).

PCS's 'Trade Union education' section is for reps

Find out what current courses are being run. Please see the events pages for current courses in your region.

What is union learning?

Union Learning Reps (ULRs) engage learners that are otherwise hard for providers to reach.

They are one of the key contributions that unions make to the learning and skills agenda. ULRs offer ongoing support and guidance to learners throughout their learning journey.

The Union Learning Fund (ULF), see below, was set up in 1998, by the new Labour government. 

It was based on the view that unions have the trust and confidence of staff in the workplace, and can reach 'hard to reach' learners. 

What is the Union Learning Fund (ULF)?

Unionlearn is the learning and skills organisation of the Trades Union Congress (TUC).

The TUC works to assist PCS and over 20 other unions in the delivery of learning opportunities for union members.

One of the main ways the TUC supports unions on learning is funding union learning projects through the Union Learning Fund (ULF).

The ULF is a pot of public money, from the Department for Education (DfE), for union learning initiatives - it's managed by the TUC.

PCS's union learning team in England is funded by the ULF. We currently have a three-year project from 2019-22. 

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