Members vote overwhelmingly to back union’s campaign strategy

90% of members who voted agreed with the plan on how to continue the campaign.

Members have massively endorsed the union’s industrial strategy by 90.3% to 9.7% on a 47% turnout. This will send a strong message to the government and employers that while the concessions we have won are significant, they are not enough and our campaign continues.

As a result of an unprecedented amount of industrial action taken by thousands of PCS members the government more than doubled the pay remit for the UK civil service and related areas as well as making a one-off £1,500 cost-of-living crisis payment. No changes can be made to the Civil Service Compensation Scheme before the next general election, talks will take place on pay coherence across the civil service and we will continue to pursue pensions justice through the courts.

Members in Scotland have won their own pay deal. The Welsh Government is paying the £1,500 lump sum and has encouraged its arms-length bodies to do likewise.

The government concessions are significant, and put welcome money in members' pockets, but they are not enough and the campaign continues. Our online, consultative ballot ran from 3 – 31 August and asked members to agree a strategy including a pause in industrial action, entering pay talks in individual departments and with the government, and then assessing whether more action is needed when the talks conclude.

The outcomes of pay talks are beginning to become known and while they have produced significant increases for some members, for others the offers are insufficient.

The national executive committee (NEC) will meet next week to discuss the ballot result, analyse the outcomes of pay talks with every employer, consider the national talks on pay with the Cabinet Office, and decide on the next steps in the campaign.