PCS strike ballot results: Massive yes vote for strikes

The legal turnout threshold of 50% has been achieved in many areas allowing for major industrial action. 

The PCS ballot for strike action in the UK civil service and related areas over pay, pensions, jobs and redundancy terms closed on Monday (7 November) and the ballot papers have now been counted. 

See the results in full, including your employer area.

This article has been updated to include a link to the results in full.

The full ballot results, including individual employer areas, will be posted on this website shortly. Employers are being notified.

We have achieved a fantastic result with a massive average Yes vote for industrial action across the areas balloted of 86.2%, the highest percentage vote in the union’s history.

The votes of members in each individual employer have been counted separately.

124 employer areas crossed the 50% turnout threshold required by law for strike action and returned a majority Yes vote. Industrial action can be held in these employer areas.

The average turnout across all balloted areas was 51.6%.

We are now in a position to call significant industrial action in support of our claim for a 10% pay rise, pensions justice, job security and and no cuts to redundancy terms.

The PCS national executive committee (NEC) has now sent a letter to the Cabinet Office demanding meaningful negotiations on our claim. Unless substantial proposals are received from the government the NEC will agree a programme of industrial action at its meeting on Friday, 18 November. 

Action involving all members in the areas which meet the legal requirements would be called to have the maximum effect, including coordinated action with other unions.

Members taking sustained action in targeted areas to put major pressure on the Government will receive significant financial support from the union.

PCS will continue the campaign to win what you deserve at work. 

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This article has been updated to include a link to the results in full.