PCS pay campaign

PCS balloting members on industrial action over pay

We are holding a statutory ballot on industrial action over pay from 18 June to 23 July.

On 22 May, delegates at our annual delegate conference voted overwhelmingly in favour of an emergency motion on pay calling for a statutory ballot of members on taking industrial action over pay, put forward by our national executive committee.

The question members will be asked in the postal ballot is: Are you prepared to take part in strike action?

The new trade union laws mean that at least 50% of our eligible members in the civil service and related areas must take part in the ballot.

The more members that vote for action the more the government has to treat us with respect and fairly.

Not voting is really voting no. Not voting is accepting Theresa May treating members in an appalling way.

Once you've voted let us know by completing our online form.

So we have an idea how the ballot is progressing as we work with branches to strive to achieve the 50% turnout.  

Once you've recorded your vote share the page on social media to let others know.


Pay claim

PCS made a 5% pay claim to the government but the Cabinet Office responded to say that it has only budgeted for a 1% pay rise for the UK civil service and related areas. This is despite other public sectors receiving higher offers.

PCS will continue to press for constructive talks to try to overturn the decision and secure a better pay offer for our members. In the event of a yes vote in our ballot, we would not call strike action until the outcome of any talks is discussed.

Get ready to vote

We need our members’ help to show the government we are serious about being prepared to do what is necessary to get our members an above-inflation pay rise.

The consultative ballot in October and November last year showed that PCS members want to take action to break the pay cap. Now all of our members and representatives need to be ready to win the statutory ballot on pay. 

Re-cap on our campaign by looking at our timeline.

We will organise, we will mobilise and we will win.


Share your experiences

Some PCS members report that by the end of each month they face difficult choices between paying bills and putting food on the table. Let us know:

  • What have you have had to do to make ends meet?
  • If yours is a ‘just about managing’ family, what does that mean in reality?
  • What would an inflation-busting pay rise mean for you?
  • Email your stories to editor@pcs.org.uk

Get involved in the pay campaign

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