Appeal Court date for Pensions case

PCS will challenge the government’s position on pensions in the courts in February 2024.

In 2019 a recommended 2% cut in employee pensions contributions was blocked by the government and we launched a joint legal action with other unions to challenge that decision. 

The legal action was initially unsuccessful but we were granted leave to appeal and we will now be taking our case to the Court of Appeal on 20 February next year.

The government’s action in blocking the recommended cost-sharing measures, reducing pension contributions by 2% from April 2019, has cost many PCS members thousands of pounds and challenging this has been part of our national campaign. We have also highlighted it and asked members of our PCS parliamentary group to campaign on our behalf.

Since 2019 a further scheme valuation, released last month, has shown that the government continues to exaggerate future pension costs in the public services. It has introduced a new “economic check” to keep employee contributions at the same level as now. This move will also increase the charge levied on employers within the scheme. The government claims this additional cost will be fully funded but PCS will be alert for cuts which come as a result of these exaggerated pension costs.