CPS Hybrid Working Update

The government announced late last year that it intends to increase the number of days civil servants must attend the office. 

This has  also been discussed at recent Director of Public Prosecution office visits, where questions around changes to the Hybrid Working Policy have been at the fore. Hybrid working has been viewed as a positive policy by all since its introduction and PCS views the proposed changes as a negative step driven solely by government and that will affect members greatly without benefits to the business.

Hybrid working was a major policy negotiated with PCS over many months and has benefited members in numerous ways. It has improved work-life balance immeasurably for most, helped during the cost-of-living crisis and in terms of benefits to CPS has seen lower sickness absence and increased productivity. Remote working is often quoted as a key reason for new entrants joining CPS and any changes are likely to affect retention of both new and long-serving staff.

The employer is entering a relatively brief consultation period over the next four weeks with the departmental trade union side (DTUS) consisting of PCS and the FDA as the recognised unions representing CPS staff, where they will be encouraging staff to liaise and engage with their recognised union. PCS will also be involved in consultation with senior managers and will hold remote members' meetings to discuss your concerns. If you have questions about how this will personally affect you (wellbeing, finances, caring responsibilities etc), or you want to know how it may affect you at work, please attend these meetings or speak to your local PCS rep who can pass your feedback on to the group executive committee.

Whilst the government announcement was for a 60% return to the office, PCS is confident we can ensure that this does not happen and will be seeking to keep as much of the spirit of hybrid working if not the actual policy in place. CPS has changed so much since Covid that we do not believe it is necessary nor indeed even possible to enforce this sort of level of attendance. It is positive that in discussions so far, the indications to your senior officials have been that CPS are themselves not willing to go this far either.

PCS will continue to negotiate with management on this most important of issues and will fight to retain the benefits that hybrid working has created for all and ensure that workplaces are fit to return to and that members with adjustments or flexible working patterns are accommodated. Please attend PCS meetings when they are advertised and let PCS and management know how these changes will affect you.

In addition to attending our membership consultative meetings, you can also send us your comments and questions to PCS.Reps@cps.gov.uk . All communications received will be held in strict confidence and members will not be identified by any comments made.