DWP members in Doncaster livid following comments by local MP

114 members of staff working at Doncaster Crossgate were made redundant on 30 September following the closure of their office. The MP appeared to be ignorant of the closure and redundancies.

114 members of DWP staff working at Doncaster Crossgate House were made redundant on 30 September following the closure of their office. A further 58 staff are awaiting relocation to Sheffield.

Nick Fletcher, the Conservative MP for Don Valley, stated in a Facebook post on 4 October "I have spoken with Mims Davis MP again and she has agreed to look again at this. I will continue to press on this." Mims Davies is the parliamentary under secretary of state at the Department for Work and Pension and responsible for decisions relating to the closure of DWP offices.

PCS members working in Doncaster Crossgate House are furious by Nick Fletcher MP’s insensitive comments following the redundancies on 30 September, four days before his social media post. He appeared to be using a meeting with the minister as a photo opportunity to appeal to his local constituents, referencing the closure of the Doncaster office while seemingly unaware of the fact that the office had already closed.

One former member of staff at Crossgate House responded: “Where have you been since March 2022 when we needed your help. Standard replies to emails we sent. I am now picking up my P45 after 39 years of helping the most needy in Doncaster."

The PCS DWP Doncaster branch led a magnificent campaign to keep their office open, including taking three weeks of strike action. Unfortunately neither the DWP nor the minister responded to the campaign and pursued their plan to close the office, with the subsequent job losses, despite office accommodation being offered by the local authority.