Email the chairman of the NML board about paying the £1500

Use our online template to ask Sir David Henshaw to make the £1500 cost-of-living payment to PCS members at National Museums Liverpool.

PCS members working for the seven museums and galleries that make up National Museums Liverpool (NML) are currently on strike because their employer is refusing to pay them the £1500 cost-of-living payment that the government agreed to pay last year.

The government made the concession after thousands of PCS members went out on strike over pay and conditions. 206 employers in the public sector agreed to pay each worker a one-off £1,500 payment to part-compensate for cost-of-living increases and hardship caused by Covid. National Museums Liverpool is the only employer which has so far refused to pay its staff the additional money.

Sir David Henshaw is chairman of the Board of Trustees at National Museums Liverpool. He is also chair of the Wirral University Teaching Hospital NHS Trust and Natural Resources Wales. His appointment at National Museums Liverpool, made by the secretary of state for Culture, Media and Sport, runs until February 2025.

Our Megaphone e-action is easy to complete and will send an email to Sir David Henshaw asking him to “reach out to the workers” and negotiate with PCS over the cost-of-living payment to put a stop to the dispute .You can add your own personal message to the template letter.

Please support the members at NML and complete the e-action. Pressure from the public will help strengthen our case that NML must pay up.